Friday, April 9, 2010

API 1.4 and GermaniumWeb 1.31 released

Welcome to the new Germanium Team Blog!

We're launching this blog with a big bang - the release of API 1.4 and plugin 1.31!

Here are some of the highlights of this release:

Control. This release is all about improved control over the user interface, including glide and auto-rotation operations. Details:
  1. You can now disable the user interface. In some cases, you may want to disable the default user interface behaviour, e.g. when you are showing a tour of your building and don't want the user to interact with the 3D scene. You can now:
    • Prevent the user from moving the Eye with the mouse and keyboard by setting the navigation mode to Disabled.
      When you do this, by default the mouse cursor will show a 'disabled' cursor when the user presses a mouse button. If you are going to provide your own mouse interaction (e.g. by responding to the OnMouseDown event), you can turn off this disabled cursor.
      Note that the user can still click placemarks. You can also prevent this by making them non-interactive.
    • Prevent the user from closing a placemark callout by hiding the close button.

    • Prevent the user from using the Eye controls (see figure on right) by hiding them. Note that on plugin 1.31, the Eye controls are automatically disabled during gliding and auto-rotation, so you don't have to hide the Eye controls for these cases.

  2. You can respond when the user presses a key, by listening for the new keyboard events. 
  3. You now have greater control over gliding. The new glide functions  - which also make gliding easier by unifying the existing 15 glide variants into just 3 (GlideEyeTo(), GlideTargetTo(), GlideEyeToFit()) - now allow you to control the speed (duration and speedMultiplier) and acceleration (useEaseIn and useEaseOut). You can also handle a specific glide's end (using endCallback), instead of having to listen for the global OnGlideEnded event.
  4. It's simpler to manage the navigation mode. In API 1.3, where first person navigation was still experimental, you would be unintuitively switched back to orbit navigation after a glide, or if you turned on orthographic projection. Now, once you successfully set the navigation mode (e.g. to first person), GermaniumWeb will always stay in that mode until you set it to something else.
Other improvements. We've also
You can read the full list of changes here:

Ian Loh


  1. 1.4 comes with a lot of useful utilities :D
    thank u!

  2. Hello, I have been testing your product and it looks really fantastic.

    I have a problem with one thing. I would like to use a custom control PAD to move within the 3d.

    Are there any methods to call to control de Eye, you know, to move forward and backwards??

    I hope you could help me.

    Thanks in advance,

    Pablo IbaƱez

  3. Hi Pablo,

    Welcome to the GermaniumWeb community!

    You can use Eye.SetPosition() to move the Eye. If you need more guidance, please post your question on the API forum and we'll be happy to assist.